Zonwish Solar Power Ultrasonic Outdoor Waterproof Animal Repeller | Solar & Battery-Powered Pest Repellent Stakes with LED Lights & PIR Sensor | Repel Mole, Chipmunk, Gopher, Raccoon, Rabbit


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➤ Is your yard or garden under attack by pesky animals and rodents that are ruining your lawn and eating fruits and veggies that you’re growing?

➤ Wouldn’t it be nice to keep these annoyances off of your property without doing any harm to them?


If you answered YES to either question, then today is your lucky day and your backyard intruders unlucky day!
Our Solar Power Ultrasonic Animal Repeller will provide safe, effective around-the-clock protection!


There is no shortage of ways/tricks to keep unwanted guests out of your garden, lawn, or farm.
People have tried scarecrows, chicken manure, blood meal, predator urine, and so much more.
Some work better for certain animals, and others not so much.


That’s the beauty of this ultrasonic predator repellent device. It’s equipped with multiple deterrents and can be adjusted based on the animal(s) you’re trying to get rid of.
There’s zero maintenance too, unlike many other methods! It’s truly set it and forget it. Strategically place these stakes throughout your property, sit back, and relax.
They’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.


Product Features and Benefits:




  • PROTECT YOUR LAWN WITHOUT HARMING ANIMALS: Quit using poison, traps, or mole killer to keep those pesky pests away from your lawn and garden. This simple, natural deterrent will keep moles, gophers, groundhogs, voles, rabbits, etc. safely away.
  • MANY FREQUENCIES & MODES TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS: This innovative pest remover comes equipped with five adjustable modes and a frequency range of 13.5KHz-28.5KHz /400HZ-1,000HZ. Different modes and frequencies work better on certain animals.
  • COVERS A WIDE AREA OF YOUR OUTDOOR SPACE: One ground stake has a detection distance of up 30-feet (depending on the size of the animal). If you have a large yard or farm, purchase multiple repellers to ensure you have adequate protection.
  • USES SOLAR POWER & RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES: Flashing LED lights, PIR sensor, and a buzzer motor… you might be thinking, “I’ll be changing the batteries all the time!” Not the case. It runs off solar power and batteries (if you choose).
  •  WON’T STOP PROTECTING IN HARSH CONDITIONS: It’s waterproof and tough as nails. Annoying animals might think they have a leg up when the weather is not nice, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Your new security system will still be fully operational.

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    by MJ

    It works!!! I was a bit skeptical when I ordered this repellent, but surprisingly enough, it works very well. We were having issues with squirrels and chipmunks destroying the garden and siding of the house and 3 days after setting up the repellent, they are all gone!! It works!!!!

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